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Pay attention, Gaymos, OkCupid Really Wants This to be effective | Autostraddle

OkCupid therefore the gays have experienced some thing pretty unique opting for a little while now. Without depending too greatly on trite commitment metaphors, they love united states for our possibility advertising dollars, perhaps not all of our intimate direction, and this implies a great deal to united states. OkCupid decided in the beginning that unlike their unique internet dating opponents, these were going to treat gay users like the standard old customers they certainly were, and also the effect has-been that now about 99.9per cent regarding the homosexual ladies I’m sure have accounts on OkCupid. Plus they’ve actually used through on that implicit vow, including us inside their really sorts of groundbreaking internet dating analytics tasks. Bear in mind when
they proved with technology that individuals are not sex-crazed psychos
who want to change right folks into in a similar way crazed homosexuals?

Today OkCupid is actually using factors to the next level – they aren’t merely managing you just as, they truly are making time for the particular problems we face. Today, those that determine on their own as homosexual or bi can prefer to cover their own pages in online searches from consumers identified as directly. OkCupid states it is for a few reasons:

* perchance you’re not out to any or all yet

* maybe you wouldn’t like right guys hitting on you

* perchance you enjoy clicking checkboxes on webpage

These are typically very astute findings! Any time you disagree, look at this: what other men and women have arrive at the conclusion, all independently, you do not desire right guys striking for you? That is what I Imagined.

Perhaps this isn’t an issue, except to you personally as an individual who wants to keep your opportunity available of meeting a cute girl with an appreciation for postcolonial literature and a fantastic haircut but exactly who additionally desires to prevent having your scary dudebro cousin aided by the Tucker maximum rates inside the fb profile out you. Possibly, however, this might be something else entirely? Possibly this can be a (profit-driven, revenue-focused) business who is not only acknowledging that queers tend to be possible customers, not just deigning to incorporate them in its conceptual industry in a perfunctory feeling, but is definitely trying to court them by giving characteristics which they understand they need?

In the short reputation of organizations knowingly promoting towards homosexual individuals, the majority of businesses have peaked at “recognizing our life.” Including, advertising and marketing homosexual vacation by placing “Gay Travel!” on the top of internet site, concentrating on the assumption that queers are so pleased that you recalled they exist that they’ll go to you personally in droves. It’s tougher to consider examples of just what OkCupid is doing – looking at gays like most some other phase from the industry, racking your brains on whatever might want in an item and then providing it in their mind. They did not have to achieve this – i am convinced that every unmarried homosexual woman I’m sure would have held their membership even when OkCupid had not come up with this. Nonetheless performed, that’s like saying hey, woman, I do not wish to rush situations or whatever, but i do believe you’re quite unique, and I also should treat you correct so that you will stick around. And I also mean, if we weren’t searching for people to point out that, would we get on OkCupid in the first place?

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