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How to Conduct a Director Board Review

It is essential that the board conducts a thorough director review that is effective. The process should be clear and timely as well as assist the board understand its strengths and weaknesses, so that it can improve the performance of the company.

It isn’t always easy to evaluate the performance of directors individually. The chair’s performance on the board has a huge impact on others. It’s also difficult to compare boards because of variations in strategy, company cycles, and director refreshment policy.

The way a director board review is conducted could influence the authenticity of the feedback. Some reviews are informal, such as asking other directors for their opinion and others are more structured, involving interviews with fellow directors, CEOs, SIDs committee chairs, and the Company Secretary. The review may also include comments made by a chairman at board meetings, for example, the inclusion level in the meeting, the sharing of information, and the sharing of discussions.

It is often beneficial to employ an experienced facilitator outside to conduct these reviews. Their neutrality can bring an extra level of rigor and impartiality to this process. The key is to begin the directorboard.info/software-for-increasing-board-and-committee-effectiveness/ process by defining the goals for the review and defining the scope. After that the next step is to design a plan for how to assess the board and get input from the various stakeholders. This could mean the distribution of questionnaires or interviews, document review or using board meeting management software.