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Exploring The Psychology of Read Receipts Are They Ever Okay? by Edison Changing Communications

turning on read receipts to be petty

When you turn them on, recipients using the same operating system or messaging app (such as WhatsApp) can see when you’ve read their messages. If your friends turn read receipts on, you can see when they read your message. When I’m in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and most other popular messaging apps, a small update goes out letting the sender know as soon as I open a message. I pronounce them “reed” receipts, not “red” receipts, though this is a matter of some debate. So last week, in an effort to get myself back into the habit of replying within 24 hours, I decided to turn on read receipts.

turning on read receipts to be petty

And when I do open it, the quick shift from “Delivered” to “Read [insert time here]” has my lil fingers typing away on the keyboard immediately. Or maybe someone’s in a meeting at work or has their hands full at the grocery store. Maybe the person got distracted after opening your message and then forgot to respond to it … My latest book is The Everything Guide to Remote Work, which goes into great detail about a subject that I’ve been covering as a writer and participating in personally since well before the COVID-19 pandemic. Go on and complete your music collection by adding the catalog of “The Cranberries” and the two solo albums from O’Riordan.

The temperature may not be very Autumn-like, but these playlists sure are.

When you receive a text message on your iPhone or iPad, you can let the sender know you’ve looked at it by enabling read receipts. These can be helpful when you don’t want to keep the other person in suspense wondering if you’ve seen their text. Now, being petty isn’t one of my favorite hobbies. I don’t do it often, but leaving someone on read is the absolute perfect response if they’re being particularly mean to you. You don’t need to say anything in reply, just open their message. It can drive people crazy if you open up all their messages, but not deem it important enough to reply.

turning on read receipts to be petty

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My column, Get Organized, has been running on PCMag since 2012. It gives advice on how to manage all the devices, apps, digital photos, email, and other technology that can make you feel like you’re going to have a panic attack. Preprinted petty cash receipt forms can be purchased from most office supply stores. This song is technically not on this album but is instead a B-side that I stumbled upon when looking into her career. This album drops some of the near-metal moments from “Are You Listening?

And I firmly believe that everyone else should too. My friend’s younger brother selectively turns his read receipts on and off depending on the conversation. Now when you view a text sent by someone, a small Read note will appear in the other person’s text indicating the time you read the message.

Step 2: Request a read receipt for a message

But that’s just because I’m very impatient and scatterbrained. If anything, I only send the extra messages to be funny. For some people, the very idea of read receipts sparks a feeling of dread and anxiousness whereas petty cash others might find comfort in knowing when someone has opened their message. Over the course of the week, two other friends reacted similarly. All the while, I waited for one—or all of them—to block me.

  • For example, it’s unsafe and even illegal in some places to text while driving.
  • Halloween is a fun holiday for everyone of all ages.
  • In my life, read receipts are always on and are essential.
  • While messaging platforms are the primary focus of research, a lot of those same emotions are experienced when there are read receipts requested for email communication.

“The Cranberries” are truly one of my favorite bands, and is a group that should be more widely known, far beyond their three big hits “Dreams,” “Linger,” and “Zombie.” “The Cranberries” recorded seven studio albums from 1993 through 2017 and Dolores O’Riordan (their late great, incredible lead voice) had two studio albums as a solo act. Within those nine albums hides a plethora of great music.